July 28, 2014

Another Awesome Week! (i think i'm running out of headings for my weekly letters :P haha)

Another Awesome Week! (i think i'm running out of headings for my weekly letters :P haha)

So! this week was super busy! not nearly as busy as last week lesson wise, but still we hardly had a chance to breathe it seemed like! So, this is how it went:

MONDAY: we emailed, then went to DI, walmart shopping, got delicious Roxberry smoothies, and played a really fun activity as a zone! something called pictophone, a mix of pictionary and telephone. SUPER FUN! also, there was a "change". Lamberts made us gyros and brother lambert has actually been to greek islands in anacortes before!! its such a small world :P OH and my daughter is a freaking boss!! so, brother lambert loves spicy, especially sauces and he can handle a LOT. so he bought the second hottest sauce in the entire world for him and sister smith to try and they did. He was sweating, his mouth went numb, he said it was like liquid fire. sis smith hardly blinked... then went back for more!! it was HILARIOUS! she is awesome :P haha

TUESDAY: a full day! we had lessons, we saw N*- it was her birthday so we got her an elvis CD (she LOVES elvis), sister mason drew a picture of a hamster that looked like elvis, and she was so happy :) we went to a L* house and helped sand stuff for projects they're doing and then she made us white sauce enchiladas for dinner, super bien! :P haha! lots of people getting ready to enter the waters of baptism though!!

WEDNESDAY: we made visits with sister vickars the stake relief society president and gave her a picture of Christ that i watercolored (again :P, different pic though...) then we went to SLC for the new missionary training which lasted most of the afternoon, but it was super good! i LOVE trainings. seriously. and i love helping with them too :) we had the first lesson with a new investigator, D* (yes, polynesian :P) haha and he's a cool kid! 9 years old and the family is awesome too! we also finally saw O* and the V* as well. 

THURSDAY: the 24th of July is really BIG here! they did a kids day at the Benson Grist Mill (you can put the pics jill sent you on the blog :) and that was fun to help out with! then we had a lesson with Ginger and its getting to the point where she just isn't coming to church... she's come once and that was in May. we may have to drop her soon. after that we had our Interviews with President in Tooele and that was wonderful! i love interviews because its always a really spiritual experience, President Hansen is an amazing person, mission president, etc. he's like another grandpa! :D he did tell me though that i'll probably be getting transferred, which will be ok. i'm fine with whatever the Lord wants for me... maybe i'll go to Kaysville or something! :P After interviews we saw N*! which was good, except we found out she's going to be moving :( she sold her house and so she is going to be moving out at the end of August. SOO SAD! after dinner we went to the stake pioneer day party, which was huge! a huge turnout and they did a fun run where the firetrucks sprayed people and we helped wtih rootbeer floats and husking and wrapping HOT smoked corn. we did 300 ears and had JUST the right amount. we were scared for a bit we weren't gonna have enough :P phewph!

FRIDAY: district meeting, planning, dinner with the chamberlains, saw brother fairbanks, bishop steinegal (over Lakepoint ward), saw R*, and stopped by the M*, which was nice to see them :) good day! tiring, but good!

SATURDAY: SUPER BUSY DAY!!! we had 4 correlations to do with ward mission leaders, a lesson at the T* (hopefully M* will get on date this week!!), lesson with V* (she is totally getting there!, we brought her primary teacher april warby to help at the lesson) lesson with l* we were going to do service, help F* get ready for their wedding on the 8th but they weren't home so we did other stuff! visits, etc. good day!

SUNDAY: we had 3 Ward Councils we went to. such a long busy day! but it was good! and we got to go to the YSA ward, had a lesson with K* who we hadn't seen in awhile (she is my fellow whovian :P) and a new family the s*s, stopped by, shared a message, and offered to walk their akita's (dogs) at least once a week. yay for helping people! :P 

I absolutely am loving the mission and can't wait for what is sure to come, its scary to think i'm almost halfway because its going SOO fast, but im so excited too! :) love you all and Keep the Faith! ♥

Benson Grist Mill

diner at lamberts

so many beautiful sunsets here in LAKEPOINT!! :D

district pic


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