July 22, 2014

A Fantastic Week! :)

(Letter from July 14th, 2014)
What a great week this has been! It’s just flown by and we've been really busy! I think one of the best parts though would have to be.... THE RAIN! I think we got rain 2 or 3 of the days this week and cooler temperatures to go along! It reminded me of home, especially the light sprinkles! I probably sound weird, but they were like heavenly kisses from above :)

MONDAY: pday was SUPER busy. Emailing, cleaning, shopping, golfing, activity, dinner, FHE, bed. We played categories with the zone which was fun- you have a group of people and a squirt bottle. One person picks a category and something specific in that category and they everyone goes around and says their own, if they way the one you're thinking of then they get squirted and it’s their turn! :) Good to play when its 103 outside! o.O haha

TUESDAY: Sister Hathaway and Callahan moved homes so we helped them out with that. We had some lessons cancel as well. Sister Mason gets headaches and migraines because she's had brain surgery twice (when she was 11ish) but she doesn't let them get her down for too long, which is awesome. She is a hard worker and quiet, but when she does talk she's always got amazing things to say... and she's hilarious! :P 

WEDNESDAY: had a lesson with the T* this week! We made bunches of visits, saw N* (it had been about 6 weeks since we'd seen her), it POURED, which was awesome! Saw L*, year is moving along as well! :)

THURSDAY: lesson with T* again, finished the Blomquists baptismal records, lunch with the Chamberlains, lesson with G*, N*, R*, Mc*, and then a Stake Missionary Training for Ward Mission Leaders and Ward Missionaries. It was good... I got to give a short talk on Retention and how it’s the wards responsibility to be involved and lead it. They really are crucial! And everyone should study ch 13 in PMG and go back and read Elder Ballard's talk from April Conference... it rocked!! :)

FRIDAY: We had our district meeting, lunch, weekly planning, I GOT A LETTER FROM SISTER RUTTER! It totally made my day, so before I write back... thanks so much! It really helped me out and I was so happy :) we had a correlation with Brother Fairbanks, we saw Bishop Argyle, picked some Spearmint... yum! :) saw M* and F* as well to set up an appointment. QUOTE of the DAY: Delegation hurts :P haha

SATUDAY: some of the important things when teaching people: agency. Priorities. Real intent
We had a day full of corelations, we did a surprise service for someone, a lesson with G* and M*, and saw the V* :) just keeps getting better and better! :) We also saw B*... earlier in the week he fell on a broken mirror and cut his arm REALLY bad. So he didn't make it through the stop smoking program but he's gonna try again next week! :)

SUNDAY: busy as usual! We go a referral for a boy in the Benson Mill ward who just turned 9, family semi-active... so we're excited to hear about that! :) We helped teach sharing time in the Millpond ward, which was fun... it’s been a REALLY long time though :P haha we also had he YSA ward council and that went really well too! We had a lesson with M* and F* and M* wants to be baptized... and they're getting married August 8th! So... things are going well! 

It’s been a week full of fun things, hard work, hot weather and tender mercies. Love you all and Keep the Faith! :)


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