July 13, 2014

Lessons to Learn

One theme that I’ve been noticing this week is just how much Heavenly Father wants us to learn, and I’ve been noticing it for a while, but I guess have been paying more attention to all the things I CAN learn from- which is anything and everything.
Monday was a pretty normal pday, full of goodbyes, but at the same time there was a lot of good- I found out that elder Holmes was coming back to be our ZL (to the same area too :P haha), we get to keep Elder Selin as our DL, I get to be in a trio and train again! It’s been super fun so far and I’ve already seen myself and the area grow lots! :) It’s making me really happy.
So Tuesday was transfers, Sister Pearson brought us to transfers and I said a sad goodbye to Sister Bennet. I also got to see lots of missionaries who were going home- my first ZL's elder Lawrence and Studer being some of them... so sad! :'( But they're all going to do great things!! Picked up my new companion, Sister Mason and then went to the new missionary orientation-pick-up-thing. Sis Mason has been out for 10.5 months and is from South Carolina, she is super sweet and petty quiet too... until you get to know he ;P haha 
My new trainee/daughter is Sister Smith! She is from Missouri (no not St. Louis, north-central area close to Adam-Ondi-Ahmen!) She is a super great missionary already, super motivated, and so humble and loving and has a great testimony too! :)
Tue night we got to work making visits and she had two jobs as a new missionary: by the end of the night invite someone to be baptized and place a book of Mormon. She did invite someone to be baptized... I failed on the book of Mormon part though. But they both rock! And guess what we had for dinner that night? TILAPIA. That’s right, everyone. BE PROUD. I ATE FISH :P haha it wasn't that bad, didn't taste fishy.
Wednesday was a pretty busy day too! We had a lesson with the T* where Sis Smith did another baptismal invitation to M*, so we're going to be working hard on that :) Then we had a working lunch with the other Sister s (German pancakes/Dutch babies :P) had the stop smoking lesson with B*, made more visits, had a lesson with L* (Austin Vickars from YSA ward came with us!) and the O*'s as well. It was a super busy and successful day, it just made me so happy! 
Thursday we had lunch with the Chamberlains, got our bunk bed set up, had a lesson with G*, O* cancelled again, we saw N* and R*, dinner, and our scripture study class and met with brother Flores about the Blomquists Baptism! (Details and such)- Another successful day :)
Friday was 4th of July! We got to go shoot off rockets with our zone and the Tooele zone, which was a "BLAST" :P haha! We did it by district and ours TOTALLY WON! Probably because it had angry birds duct tape on it... ;) WE then go coldstones for lunch- I know, bad. But it’s been in the 100's like ALL WEEK!!!! Had our zone meeting, then weekly planning, then dinner with the Pearson’s, then finished planning. A good day, just not lesson wise. Got lots of good planning done!! 
SATURDAY WAS AWESOME!! Exhausting, but awesome :) it started off with a service project, we hucked branches into a wood chipper, which was... destructive... :P and loud. But fun still! Then a lesson with the T* again, went to Tooele and did Family history with the M*. I found out another cool person I’m related to... John Smith and Pocohontas!! Legit... I AM A DISNEY PRINCESS!!!!! :D and an avenger, and a greek god, and just super cool I guess : P Then... the baptism! The Blomquist family finally got baptized and it was such an amazing baptism! And so many people were there!! Sis Latham, Bennett, Cross, Claren, and Perez! 10  Sister s total! It was awesome! (In the pics sis smith is the tall skinny one with short hair and sis mason is short light brown hair and glasses) the baptism was great and it will be something that is remembered for a REALLY long time :) Also had another lesson with Liz!
Sunday! I was starving ALL day. So hungry. But church from 9-4, 3 confirmations in the first sacrament meeting, one in the second, and in YSA ward we finally got a Ward Mission Leader! He’s been off of his mission for 4 days now I think... :P exciting! We had dinner with N* and a lesson after. It was great- except she got really bad news during dinner and she had already had a tough day and she had a mini seizure in the middle of dinner. I was worried about her but she was ok. I just love her so much, she is the most giving and loving person in the whole world :) Made visits and kept busy! I’m much happier and the work is starting to move along more.

Shout out to Loren Bickley who went home last week! :)

Keep doing good! Love you all! :)

With Sis. Mason and her new trainee... Sis. Smith

4th of July fun with the Pearson's!

Re-united with her 1st "daughter", Sis. Latham!

The Blomquist's Baptism! What a beautiful day!

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