April 5, 2014

Transfer 3, Week 5: Like a BOSS! :)

This week has been awesome. When you pray for opportunism to serve and ask everyone for service opportunities, you get them! :)

But first let’s start on Monday. I got highlights! Yay and my hair didn't turn orange like mom thought it would :P haha then we went and played games at the Tooele East Stake center, like we usually do. It’s so fun to hang out with other missionaries :) Then we went to the Lamberts for dinner, like we do every Monday and Sister Lambert cooked an English dinner for Sister Latham! We had meat pies (basically a chicken pot pie) and trifle. It was so good, and it helps she is such a fantastic cook :) after that we met K*, a less active girl who junior or senior in high school. And we are basically soul mates. Haha but seriously. we all like Doctor Who (of course Sister Latham does, she is from England!) :P haha and she has a David Tennant cutout in her room, she likes singing and choir and such and she is just awesome :)

 Tuesday we had a BUNCH of service to do! N*, one of the LA's we work with, had painting to do in her house so we went over and helped him out. It was so fun, I love painting :) Then we went and helped another lady do cleaning in her house (she's is getting over two kinds of cancer) and that was cool :) THEN we were going to help one of our new investigators tear out drywall in her basement but her parents put her on a break so we taught her the first lesson! It was great, the spirit was there and she asked questions and she committed to reading and praying. She is awesome! Then we had dinner, and then another lesson.

Earlier in the week we received a phone call from ** and he gave us a less active referral to teach... his son! D* left the church when he was 14 years old and got into a bunch of really bad stuff. He’s 19 now and ready to try to come back to church because he wants something better. It’s incredible to see, and even though he may have a bunch of tattoo's or gages, he is still an amazing child of God and has a heavenly father that loves him! :)

Wed was awesome. We had zone conference! We learned about the new way of teaching with pamphlets and shorter lessons and new ways to introduce the Book of Mormon, basically just how to better missionaries! It was great. We got a prize for one of the cleanest cars, which was great too. Except it was chocolate. We haven' hardly eaten any though, which is good! :) Cause my skirts are getting a little TOO tight. ERGH! I also did my piano/violin duet with Elder Baier, and it turned out pretty good! Not our BEST run through, but at least we played together and the spirit was there :)

We had a lesson with O* Wed night as well, and it was ABSOLUTELY incredible. We finally got her to come out of her room and taught about faith, repentance, BAPTISM, and receiving the Gift of the Holy Ghost. It was a powerful lesson and we learned why she has been so tentative to come out and have the lessons. At home she went to the Jehovah’s witness church with the rest of her family, and when she came out here to live with her Dad who is a member, they kind of mocked her, saying "you're going to come back a Mormon haha" :( Sad. She was also scared to read to Book of Mormon because she thought that the JW god was going to be mad at her or something. We established her concerns and clarified and helped her out... and put her on date for baptism! Yay! She is going to pray about it but we think she can be ready by April 19 to be baptized.. Which is cool because it's Sister Latham’s birthday that day! :D O* is amazing and has great faith and humility. 

After the lesson we ran home, I packed, and we had exchanges with Sister Harris and Sister Bennet. It’s been strange not being exchanges all the time like with Sister Taylor, and it was kinda nice to be able to leave the area for a day and get to know Sister Bennett. She is an amazing missionary.  :) Sister Latham stayed in the area and did amazing! I’m so lucky to have such a wonderful, intelligent, beautiful, hard-working, obedient companion! :)

Fri we had our weekly planning with took forever but it was very productive. Aaand in the middle of it one of the sets of Sisters pranked the district leaders car. it was hilarious! Over 1500 sticky notes ALL over, confetti in the A/C slots, and hid a frozen fish under the seat! haha so funny. then we locked them out of the building :) hahaha cause we have the keys and they don’t :P that night we saw m*, k*, g*, and a*. They are a less active family that lives in the trailer park. We read some of the Book of Mormon with them and committed them to family scriptures every night and to come to church on Sunday.

Saturday was busy as well, but definitely in a good way :) dumroll..... I got to go to Kathleen Knowlton's baptism in bountiful on Saturday! :D a few weeks ago we found out that she got permission to be re-baptized and I was able to go! It was so incredible and made me so happy! She was glowing, and another great part... Sister Weber was able to be there too! she is doing great up in Layton and loves her new companion. she was glowing too :) The spirit was SUPER strong :) We were able to see a broadcast of the woman’s conference as well. 

Sunday was busy as usual, O* came to church as well as the M*'s :) O* enjoyed It as well. We were on splits for the morning because Sister Latham got to go over to the Pearson's and skype home because it was England’s mother’s day on Sunday! :) It was great she got to see her family :) we also had another eventful sacrament meeting. Benson mill ward last week had the fire alarm go off and yesterday, the power went out because of the weather! :P haha so funny. Then we had dinner with the Steadman’s! So fun! :) And then we both weren't feeling good so we went home and rested before we got sick. 

Remember to be a member missionary every day and share this glorious news with everyone you love! :) 
Talk to you next week! :) Keep the Faith!
Sister Johnson ♥

In another email...
we have tickets for sat am session, possibly going :) (Keep an eye out for her if you are attending or watching!)

Sis. Johnson's new hair cut and highlights. Thanks to the generosity of a very kind member!

Looks darling straight too.

The big prank!

Post-it note special!

Shoulder Angel... get it? LOL!

Apparently Hannah LOVED the prank!

With Sis. K at her baptism!

Sis. Weber, Sis. Knowlton, and Sis. Johnson. What a special day!

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