April 8, 2014

Transfer 3, Week 6: Another Great Week!

Sorry, this letter will probably be shorter than last weeks...although that one was PRETTY long, comparatively... anyways!

It’s been great this week. each day of this week kinda had a theme. It started off with MONDAY: pday. We picked up some stuff to surprise Sister Jamison with for her birthday which was on Wednesday, had our zone activity (sports as usual) :) and had dinner with the Lamberts- pesto with pasta and chicken, at my request! it was great, tasted a little bit like home :) we had  lesson with the M*’s, the LA family we work with in the Trailer Park. long story short, we found out that G*, the youngest son is not baptized and turned 9 yesterday! so we put him on date as well! it’s awesome! Super bueno :) We also saw K* that night and she had brought down her David Tennant dr. cutout. made my day :) LIKE NONE OTHER!!! 

TUESDAY: April Fools Day! haha it was fun. we went and did some service with the District Leader and gave them April fools potatoes. they were just potatoes we wrote on :P it was good! Haha. We also had another lesson with D*, S*’s. son who is coming back into activity, and a first lesson with the Pearson’s cousin, D* who is in a similar situation as K*, they have been friends for FOREVER, so it’s cool they get to do this together :) 

WEDNESDAY: Sister Jamison’s Birthday! and the day we had appointments at EVERY HOUR! We got up and left early and decorated their car, which was bunches of fun! then we surprised her and had breakfast and morning study together. We went to lunch at the chamberlains with B*, Abby (ward missionary) and O* was there too! It was great to see how she enjoyed it all and was making new friends :) Then we had a lesson with B* at the Van Komen’s (he is a LA recent convert). He's a funny guy, we helped him to understand the atonement a bit better. Then we stopped by M* to see how she's doing, had a lesson at the T*’s with M*, dinner, saw C* (la recent convert as well!) and did personal progress as well, lesson with O* about the Book of Mormon, and were just completely BUSY all day! crazy... 

THURSDAY: MY 4 Month Mark! yes, it’s officially been 4 months since I entered the field (not the MTC) and its just flying by! We saw R* and N* on Thursday as well as the B*s, had a lesson on Obedience with J*, and it’s just been really great. Yup. We are planning on doing a Temple Square lesson with the B*’s soon :) 

FRIDAY: Weekly Planning, as usual. We also had another lesson with G* and something cool happened. We were talking with A* about how he needs to be reading the Book of Mormon and I had an impression that I needed to speak as a representative and servant of Jesus Christ and tell him the blessings he and his family will receive if he would read a little bit every day, or even if he just listened as his family read. the spirit was so strong and POWERFUL! Cool experience. 

Saturday morning, we went to SLC for General Conference! it was sooo cool to be there in the presence of prophets, seers and revelators! It was amazing to be there and hear the talks, I especially liked Elder Holland’s, Elder Ballard’s, Sister Reeves, Elder Uchtdorfs, and many more. just a few points I liked: We heard over and over and OVER again that the time is now to make a stand on our faith, it cannot be separate from the rest of our lives, he Gospel lives within us. Helaman 5:12 was quoted QUITE a few times, how we need to be cautious and tied to our Heavenly Father. Love and kindness and charity, how we need to spiritually prepare ourselves, and I loved the part where Elder Ballard said everyone should invite 4 people per year to take the missionary lessons! YES! It’s what we need, that little bit of a push to get the work moving more! And for every family to study from PMG, this week I’ll be studying in Finding People to Teach. I learned so much and can' wait to apply it to my life. One thing President Hansen says all the time is "if you go to a meeting like that and don't make changes in your life, it was a waste of time." Conference was incredible and I’m blessed that I was able to go and feel the spirit so strongly.

Have a great week and I love you lots! :) btw, again, I didn't get transferred. same place, same people! :) 

Didn't you know that Doctor Who lives in Stansbury Park?!

Bday car for Sis. Jamison

Elder Holmes one of the zl's

At the Saturday Morning session of General Conference

A view from where they sat

Salt Lake Temple

With K & T at conference!

Hannah was so glad I mailed her some spring clothes... snapped these while emailing!

What darling Sisters!

photos emailed from Sis. Lambert

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