April 21, 2014

A WONDERFUL Easter Week!

Everything is so beautiful right now, so many tulips popping up, which reminds me of home and the tulip fields in Mt. Vernon :) this week the weather has been fantastic and the missionary work is going great! And of course, EASTER WAS FANTASTIC!!! But we'll get to that in a bit :) 

Monday we had a good pday. We emailed then went to wallymart, then went home to RELAX and write and other stuff. I actually wasn't feeling too good, so I ended up taking a catnap, which was UBER nice because it NEVER happens. Then we went to our building to just hang out with the other Elders and Sisters in the zone, and I ended up watercoloring which was really relaxing. Then dinner with the lamberts and the first lesson with the V's. Don’t know if I’ve mentioned them yet cause they're new, but here goes! We went to visit a LA lady in the Benson Mill Ward named D* to invite her to church but only her daughter and her daughters friend were home. But they said that both of their moms were next door so they dragged us over. The mom we had never met before started talking to us (super friendly!). After talking for a while we found out that she is inactive and her husband is not a member and invited us to teach them the lessons! Super funny! So Monday night we taught her first lesson and it went well! Of course... we talked a BUNCH. So we were super late for our third lesson that night, we completely missed the one in the middle.  But we taught a FHE to a member family (he wife is from England :P) and the daughter was baptized on Saturday. Super fun! :) 

Tuesday we decided to do a fun Easter give away thing. We go a bunch of plastic eggs and put jellybeans in them along with a link to the video, Because of Him. Super Bien! :P We gave them out to bunches of people throughout the week. We had a lesson with K* who is an investigator and is 18. It was a pretty good lesson, but we are trying to get her to the point where she TRULY wants to know for herself... which means she just needs to READ the Book of Mormon. Then a lesson with D* and we taught the word of wisdom, and it went really well! He's a great kid (actually my same age) and is making a ton of great choices now and is trying to find a new job so he can come to church. 

Wednesday we had lunch at the Chamberlains and made homemade pizzas. We had a lesson with G* which was good, we talked about faith and more about the Book of Mormon and the Bible. One thing is that she tries to look for all her answers in the bible and we just have to get her to start looking for them in the Book of Mormon, reading with faith :) it’s going pretty well though. We had a lesson with R* (LA) and talked about Temples and church, and for a long term goal she wants to get to the Temple, but she only likes to live day by day which makes it hard to progress because you don't see that goal. We also had a really cute FHE with a LA family, we are teaching the 8yearold because he wants to get baptized. it was funny because at the end of the lesson we said, "OK, what did you learn?" and he said, "when I’m twelve I can get the priesthood and be a prophet!" needless to say, we had to clarify a few things :P haha we also saw C* and set up a time to go to the JS Memorial building with her and her daughter, which will be fun! Then we saw T* and then finally N*. It was a good night :) 

THURSDAY! We had an apartment inspection, then started off our day nice and early! Had lessons with N* and R*, dinner, lesson with G*... who is getting baptized this Saturday! WOWZA! We’re super excited and it’s gonna be super good for the family to be able to feel that :) We were gonna see J* but he cancelled because he's sick. Boo. We did see D* and D* though (both less active) and they gave us deer pepperoni sticks! It’s pretty good! :P I know, Sister Johnson trying new things? Crazy...

Fri we spent all day planning of course and then had a lesson with T*, a LA in the trailer park, dinner, and visited people at night. 

Saturday was Sister Latham’s 20th Birthday!!! We woke up and first thing we did was open presents! She loved the scarf and chapstick mom sent and he family and friends sent some things too, including about 15+ chocolate bars and candies to make a chocolate pizza. ERGH! gonna be sooo fat :P haha then we went out to lunch at Cafe Rio with Sister Pearson and Sister Tyler who also got he presents. Sister Pearson also stuck a bunch of balloons in the lawn for her, it was really cute! After lunch we had Coldstones and I think I’m STILL full from Saturday, we ate so much! good food though... then we correlated with a few people, tried to make some visits, ended up walking around to try and get contacts and visit people, ended up seeing the Tovar’s and then going over to see bro van Komen. We also had a lesson with opol, lesson with Gavin (where we dyed a few eggs) and correlated with Pearson's (where we ate fudge bday cake and dyed a few MORE eggs) :) it was a good day :)

 Then Sunday... was EASTER!!! Again, woke up first thing in the morning and opened the Easter package I have been itching to open! I got a Studio C t-shirt which I love and of course lots of treats and fun things because my momma loves me! :) The night before I had hidden Easter eggs for Sister Latham because she had never had an egg hunt, so I gave her her first one, and it was lots of fun! We had great Sunday meetings and had a really enjoyable day remembering Christ and his resurrection. I love this time of year because spring represents things being renewed and refreshed, just as Christ was brought back after his 3 days. I love my family and friends and this gospel and hope you all have the opportunity to continue to remember what is possible Because of Him! :) 

Love you and have a great week! :)
♥ Sister Johnson :)

LOTS of photos this week.... yay!

At Cafe Rio...

LOVE Cafe Rio

Coldstone's... one of Hannah's favorite things!

Thanks to the Pearson's for treating them to such a wonderful activity!

Hannah the Egg Master...

Sis. Latham's first colored egg 

Sporting Birthday wears!
Easter Treats... I think.

Looks like Sis. Johnson really did wait and opened her Easter Presents on Easter! Probably killed her. LOL!
Sporting her new Studio- C T-shirt that the Easter Bunny Brought her!

Miss this girl... boy... she looks happy though!

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