April 20, 2014

Another Great Week in the Life of Sister Johnson :)

This has yet again been another great week! I love my mission, the people, my area, and the missionary work we get to do!

Monday we had a fun last day with Sister Jamison, we went to Downeast Basics, Coldstones, and went bowling with part of the zone. It was a blast (my camera died, so sadly no pics yet :( sorry...) we also had another lesson with G* and the whole family is doing pretty good! We helped her pack that night and the next morning said goodbye! Sister Hathaway is here now with Sister Poitivint, and they are doing good! I had met Sister Hathaway while we were in Centerville because Sister Taylor was their STL :) sure does get you places :P haha I just love meeting new missionaries too :)

We helped do a bunch of service his week too, which was a complete blast! :D painting, yard work, we pulled out a tree, bunches of stuff! :) So much fun, and the weather here has been absolutely wonderfully amazingly FANTASTIC! It’s basically like June weather. SUMMER! It’s been up in the 70's, 75 on nice days. Crazy! And a little breezy, cloudy, perfect. SERIOUSLY! Reminds me of summer at home... I’m just not super excited for summer HERE, cause it’s gonna be blistering. O.o ermergersh.

I love doing missionary work because I see how people are making changes in their lives and they can see it and it makes them SO MUCH HAPPIER! It’s amazing. We have had such an incredible week, especially with Easter coming up. I saw something yesterday after church that really hit me. As Christians, we believe in Jesus Christ and everything He stands for. We know is our Savior   and redeemer, He atoned for our sins, transgressions and mistakes. also paid for and felt our pains, afflictions, infirmities, trials, EVERYTHING. Why? Because He loves. Because He did that, He knows exactly how to comfort us in ways no one else can. BECAUSE OF HIM. There is a video that is out for Easter about Jesus Christ, called "Because of Him". It’s an incredible video that stirred by heart and if you do ONE thing for Easter to remember Christ, watch THIS video. http://easter.mormon.org/ it’s incredible and touches to the very depths of my heart and soul. I know without a doubt in my mind, with every fiber of my entire being that Jesus is the Christ. That it is Because of Him we have this gospel on the earth. It’s Because of Him that we can return to live with God. I wouldn't give up over 18 months of my life for something I didn't fully believe in, and if I have nothing else, I have my solid and firm testimony that my Savior   lives. That He and our father in heaven appeared to the prophet joseph smith in the sacred grove to answer a 14 year old boy’s simple prayer. I know that is only though his gospel, THIS gospel that we can live with our families for Eternity. I love seeing how the hope of Christ brings light into people’s life and I’m so grateful for the opportunity I have to serve a mission in Utah and know the people I know. I'll have this experience with me forever and I can't say anything more that I haven’t already said :) I love JESUS CHRIST more than anything in the whole world because He did for me, for you, for us, the impossible. He did the thing no one else could do, because He loves us. Because of Him, everything is possible. I love you all and hope you have a fantastic week, a great Easter, and talk to you next week! :) LOVE YOU AND WATCH THE VIDEO! Seriously... just do it :)

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