May 6, 2014

What a Great Week! :D

Hello errybody! :P this has been a pretty great week, NOT gonna lie! :D the weather has been SUPER nice and I’m starting to get a bit of color! Don’t have a ton to write this week, but we've done a lot! We went on a six mile walk/hike today and the weather is great! :)
Monday we had a great pday. Sister Latham got a haircut and then we went and got her some spring clothes. And played games with other missionaries :) we also had a lesson with the V*s again. Awesome lesson. They are really coming along and he said if he gets baptized he wants it to be a whole family thing and eventually they want to get to the temple :)

Tuesday! We spent lots of time planning with the other Sisters, we are going to be doing a Bishop/ward mission leader/ward missionary fireside in July, more of like a training. We’re also going to start up a scripture study class this week! :) And we saw the M*s and had the first new member lesson with G*! We had dinner with the high councilman over missionary work and his wife (brother and Sister Wells) and we also saw D* that night! Good day :)

Wednesday- we decided that since Sister Poitivent was going into SLC to get her driving privileges we'd go as well and have Sister Latham take the test! She passed with flying colors and didn't go on the wrong side even once! ;P haha she did great actually. Then we got sonic! :D We saw C* and this morning actually found out her husband’s brother is coming out in July to baptize them, so we now have three people on date! O.o yayayayay! We’re super excited. We also saw O* that night and the V*s again. We’re hoping to get more people on date this week.

Thurs: We had yet ANOTHER full day. We met with B*, N*, R*, M*, D* (and her daughters who recently got baptized), and finally... J*! We finally got to see him this week and he realized that we've been over ALL the lessons! But he feels like he still doesn't know enough. We went over the baptismal interview questions and he passed those with flying colors. We’re going to keep working on him though! :)

Fri (hopefully all these spaces make it easier to read ;P haha) we had our district meeting and Pres. and Sister Hansen came out to congratulate us as a mission. Our mission wide goal for the month of April was 45 bapt and 45 reactivations. actuals?! 77 baptisms and 88 reactivations! We completely blew it out of the water and crushed the goal! So we got cookies and a bookmark! :) We also saw G* that day, T*, and correlated with the ward mission leader from SB, Brother Fairbanks. Saturday we got to do MORE service at the Benson Grist Mill. We sanded and painted and it was loads of fun! It wasn't as big of a turnout as last week, so we texted our Elders and for at least an hour there were 10 missionaries working away! Then we saw a bunch of ward mission leaders, and a few people we're working with throughout the day. 

Yesterday (Sunday) was a great day! We were able to go on splits and make it to all 5 wards. Something sad happened and I won't go into detail (but I’m fine!). A problem we see ALL the time is hypocritical people in the church who say one thing and act another way, or don't separate religious life from their work life (in a negative way). People a lot of times won't come to church because they don't feel loved or welcomed and don't understand how a church could be true if the people in the church can be so terrible. Now, I’m not saying there are terrible people in the church, but we aren't perfect. THE CHURCH IS TRUE, PEOPLE AREN'T (always). It’s what I always say and what I always will say. (Other than that bit, Sunday was great! :D) 

But I love you all and hope this week will be great for you as well. Keep doing great and be the wonderful children of god I know you are! :D talk to you (family) on Sunday! I really look forward to it! ♥

The snake visitor from last week. (I think it's a gophersnake)

A new way to study. LOL!

On the pday hike!

Hannah's hilarious sense of humor shines through!

Beautiful area

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