May 28, 2014

New Transfer, New Companion, New NEW NEW!!

There is a lot of change that has happened this week, good and bad, and it will be a short letter (sorry...). But here goes!

Mon: we visited people, so sister latham could say goodbye to people, we made more chocolate pizza, had dinner with the lamberts (of couse), and packed at night. it was a sad night but i know sister latham is going to do great in Bouniful (pinkwashing, she is taking over an elders area!!!)

Tue: sister pearson gave us a ride to SLC for transfers, and i had to say goodbyes to sister latham! but, i did see sister weber and sister taylor which was absolutely fantastic! it totally made my day, my whole week! it was much needed :) we got back, did unpacking, planned for the scripture study class with the sisters, made visits, had a lesson with d* (about the 10 commandments and law of chastity.. that was fun! :P) and d* cancelled :( boo. SLEEP! :)

Wed: we had lunch with sister chamberlain, which was really nice! we did more study with the sisters (with pamphlets) OH! sister poitivint got transferred to cannon, so now we have sister hathaway and sister Hart (a trial missionary). sister bennett was not feeling well, so basically rested till our 4pm lesson with M* and the T*s and then we had dinner, lesson with O*, P*, and then contacted a referral which was awesome! M*, he lives in Lakepoint ward and we set up a retun app! :) SLEEP!

Thur: Sister Bennett was REALLY not feeling well, so we were in ALL DAY. i watched the testaments a few times, updated the area book, cleaned a bit, but we also had to cancel 3-4 lessons, which really took a toll on our numbers for the week. She did get a blessing though and sister pearson made her Boiled Peanuts (its a southern thing, taste interesting... :P) she was feeling better after 5:30ish, so we made it to the scripture study class (which E* was at!) and then tried to make some visits. I'm kinda glad we were home that day though because i got a text message from L*, J*'s sister, and he dropped us. like a hot potato. except it hurt a LOT WORSE. i felt like a terrible missionay, like i could've done something more to help him or find his concern. he said its not our fault, its just him. i know eventually he'll come around, and i know there's probably not much i could've done, i think he made up his mind that he doesn't want it right now, we just DON'T KNOW WHY!! 

Fri: weekly planning and district meeting, we met our new DL, elder Selin (ponounced like celine dion :P) from New York. he is quite a hoot :P we also saw t* and e* that night. 

Sat: we  were able to do a few correlations... but i felt so sick that morning, we didn't leave till about 1pm... GRrrrrr! q4tjf894hpw34u0&$(&*_&(%){PI/*-+)(*&^TY. thats how i felt :P haha but we had one lesson cancel, one with he v* (we taught the word of wisdom) and correlated with the pearsons, who are in idaho for holiday weekend :)

Sun: i love church, i seriously do. we got to go to a few ward councils and talk about specific people, and Blomquists were at church... sadly, hardly anyone else was at church. ^T#)&*(&*$#Y_)_)JUW"PEUO (+*%*--+*/#u! YES, A LITLE MORE OF THAT! :P haha sometimes missionary wok gets frustrating, but everyone hits these walls (or stumbling blocks) and has to just cry a river, build a bridge, and get over it! :D yay! we visited with bishop steele, bishop steinegal, and had YET ANOTHER lesson cancel. but thats ok. 

This week is going to be great, i can feel it. i love this area and these people, i love missionary work and i feel my heavenly father and saviors love working in my life, as well as his atonement of course:) LOVE YOU ALL AND HAVE A GREAT WEEK! :)
Sister Hannah Johnson ♥

Yep... she's awesome!

 Thanks to Sis. Pearson for sending all these photos!

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