May 28, 2014

Last Week of the Transfer

So! this has been a pretty great week! i'll start off by saying the transfer news! i get to stay in this area with a new comp, sister bennett and sister latham is heading off to Bountiful! its funny, because its close to my last area! :) 

lots to do today though, so i'll go fast! Siste Poitivint is also leaving, off to salt lake (cannon)! is gonna be a good transfer! 

last monday we made chocolate pizza and had dinner with he lamberts again. tue we had a lesson cancel with n*, but we found out that our investigator B*'s mom was in a 4wheeler accident and has 3 broken ribs, broken collarbone and punctured lung. so we popped by to visit her too. we saw the M*'s as well, we just love them! :) Saw K* and had a great lesson with D*! Also, sister Latham drove all day which was fun... except for the few times she went on the left side... :P haha but she did good! 

Wed we had lunch at the c* again and saw read the book of mormon with c* and ruthie. we also saw T*, B*, M*, etc. 

thursdays are always our busy days! :) we had a great lesson with g* and n*, saw n*, and did a painting service project! it was fun, instead of painting houses and fences, we painted pandas onto rocks! :D we also had our scripture study class and a lesson with B*. 

Friday was our planning and district meeting and it was sad because a lot of changes we knew were going to happen for transfers so we took lots of pics and said some goodbyes :,) sad. we also had a good lesson with the v* kids and p* basically knew all of the answers! we had a good lesson with e* too! sat we wet to a BBQ kind of thing, suit burning for elder day and elder baier. lots of fun... i got some color, but its not quite the kind i want :P a little redder than i would like.. :P we had a good lesson with g* that night too and d* ended up canceling, but we correlated with the pearsons and abbi just got new kittens, so i was a bit distracted... to say the least... :) 

Sunday was good too, we had two lessons and a good day at church! sorry for the short letter, but it'll be longer next week! love you! :)

Hannah's district

"boys have cooties! :P jk, this is my District leader, he's going home though :( sad..."

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