May 18, 2014

Another Glorious Week! :)

This has been ye another fantastic week! We accomplished so much with the help of the lord and with the help of members as well! :) It will probably be a shorter letter this week cause I don't feel great, but I’ll do my best :)

MONDAY: Cinco de Mayo! it was a good pday, I spent time playing piano which was relaxing :) we had dinner with the Lamberts and hey made steak fajitas and fish tacos (I ate the fajitas :P) and told us about their trip to Cancun and Chichinitza (is that how you spell it?) then we saw the V*s and sleep, he best part of the day :) hehe

TUESDAY: we had a fun day! In the morning we went and helped our investigator clean the house of a member who was in the hospital for pneumonia. Then we planned for our scripture study class that we're starting up with the other sisters. We tried to see some more people, had dinner, saw C* and she said she would come to church, had a lesson with D* and D* :)

WEDNESDAY: we had lunch with sister chamberlain, tried to contact some referrals, had a few lessons cancel, but saw M* and his family and taught the Word of Wisdom, and hey committed to live it. We also saw the B* that night and talked about the baptism and had a lesson with B*. 

THURSDAY: For some reason, these always turn out to be our busiest days. We had a lesson set from 11-7:30 every hour! O.o our 11 wasn't there so we went to our noon appt a little early. The V*s made us lunch... English style fish and chips! And yes, I was brave and ate them. Fish is still not my thing, but maybe I’ll warm up to it over time :P then we had an awesome lesson with G*, and the primary president from the ward came with us.... best part? She wants herself and her family to be baptized! :) we are so excited, hopefully put her and her daughter on date this week (her daughter turns 8 June 15th and neither parents are members!) then we saw K* because N* cancelled, then R*. Oh, R*. Sometimes he is just a stubborn pill. But he's getting there...SLOOOWLLLY. R* cancelled so we visited, then dinner. We went to our scripture study class... of course, being the first week... no one showed! YAY! :P haha but we are advertising it more. Jordan cancelled as well though. Boo. 

FRIDAY: Weekly planning and zone meeting! I always love it because I learn a lot. We also had exchanges, I stayed in the area with Sister Harris and sister Latham went to Tooele. We saw C* and C* gave us rides! :) We also did reading with the M* :) so fun!

SATURDAY: We were going to do more at the grist mill but they cancelled due to the moistness of the wood, so we just looked around for a bit :) then we had lunch, went to the Big Canyon Mother’s Day activity, correlated with WML's, went to the trailer park, exchanged back, correlated, saw the V*, etc. I am such a dork. We get rides at night but I still have my keys with me, and I accidentally left them on the Pearson’s couch after the correlation. I didn't realize this until the end of our night and it was hailing and raining and the Pearson’s weren't home. Of course, my luck :P haha but we got it figured out... eventually :P 

SUNDAY: WAS FABULOUS! Happy mother’s day! Among other things, Dylan got to come to church, C* was there, G*, P* and the whole family, a new LA we are going to start working with, and we got Mother’s Day presents (chocolates and flowers! :P) and of course, got to Skype home! YAY! It was so great, I was so happy to see my family and talk to Dad, Mom and Ella :) I miss my WHOLE FAMILY SO MUCH, but I’m no homesick. I just love them lots. Happy mother’s day mom! 

This is the last week in the transfer so next Monday you'll hear about any changes coming up! :) love you and talk to you next week! :

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