December 16, 2013


So. its week two and its been amazing...and cold. its always below freezing and we get excited if its above 25 degrees F. um, just NO. OH WOW DANGIT :P haha and everyone here are Utes fans. Go figure... but it really has been great. Wednesday we had our mission wide Christmas devotional. a member of the 70 spoke to us, Elder Summerhays and then we had a huge Christmas feast, and then a variety show (we are a talented group!) then we got our presents! :) I saw Elder Bickley! that was cool! basically it was just super fun and a really nice break! just like a big party basically, got to see the other Sisters from the MTC. OH, also: I met president Nash, yes related to the Nashes in our ward :) I have one package lost in the mail with my Eeyore pillowpet in it, so I pray multiple times per day that it will be found. I've had three talks so far: one at a baptism and two in sacrament meetings. its great though! we work with a LOT of kids here and a lot of reactivating. We had a Sisters referral from Bountiful (means elders are over the area but she wants to be taught by Sisters). she is great. She has had a hard life though. when she was in jail, she was given a Book of Mormon and read the whole thing and wants to change her life around, which is awesome! We had a temple square lesson with her my first thurs and we were going to read scriptures with her in the morning the next week, but she didn't answer the door. we checked again later that week and still nothing. we got ahold of service missionaries working with her and they said she had had another relapse and was out of town. still waiting to hear from her but I pray all the time for her, hoping that she's ok and knows that this gospel is what she needs in her life. I also got to go to the SLC temple today! it was great! (freezing...) And very beautiful. The spirit was so strong! And I can't wait for Christmas. OH! last monday we were doing our Pday activities. so we were walking around Walmart and someone hands us a 50$ bill. HOLY GOODNESS! we were mind blown! earlier that day someone had paid for our meals too. then we went to target and someone gave us a 20$! people are so nice here, seriously haha. but it hasn't happened again, so I don't have to feel too overwhelmed! :P we are fed SOOOO MUCH too! I try my best, but sometimes I can't control it!! last saturday we literally ate at three ward Christmas breakfasts and we are fed every night. the same day we had three breakfasts we had lunch with the stake president, President Hollingshead, then someone took us out to dinner at Chilis. I'm Dying! going into a FOOD COMA HERE! while other missionaries are starving in chile... ;) haha jk. but really, everyone is so nice and generous and friendly. our area is only a mile by a mile and probably 80% of the population is LDS. yup. everyone knows everyone in there ward cause they are all neighbors :) but I love it here and we are hastening the work! I love hand written letters, thanks to those who have sent me one, and pictures are always great! Christmas cards, family pic, or even goofy pics :D 
love you and talk to you next week! :)

Ps… Sister Taylor is great! we get along so well and have LOTS in common! we both love singing, dr. who, avengers, MINT CHOCOLATE!!!, and Disney movies. Plus we are both weird and ridiculous... :) the hardest thing really is the amount of food, the cold, and losing investigators to baptism :P we live such a HARD LIFE!! not...hahajk! also, we are going to make Christmas mice today!!! :D YESYESYESYESYES!!!
Sister Johnson at Temple Square
"Temple was so awesome, so BEAUTIFUL inside!"

A peek at Moroni on the top

"all the missionaries in our mission got a one of a kind journal from president and Sister Hansen :) its so pretty!"
Inside their living area.
Yep... UTAH is GOOD!

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